Single vision lenses

The correction of the entire focus of the single-focus spectacle lens is the same. We use them primarily for single-focus remote or reading glasses. Because single-focus reading glasses often do not provide acceptable image quality at a distance for presbyopia wearers, so-called work glasses are increasingly taking their place, not just focusing close.

Multifocal spectacle lenses

Progressive spectacle lenses provide clear vision for presbyopia (over 40) wearers at all distances. The diopter of the spectacle lens gradually increases between the distant zone and the reading area.

The world is changing very fast, so our needs for our vision are changing accordingly. However, our eyes do not develop so fast. With the new ZEISS Progressive range, you can provide an effective solution to new trends and different customer needs to offer better vision.
Reading lens
Remote Lens
Multifocal lens

Progressive spectacle lenses can be divided into four zones

  • 1. Remote zone
    The part of the lens that is made according to your personal diopter to be part of excellent distant vision.
  • 2. Intermediate range
    The part of the lens that is made based on your personal diopter to provide excellent vision in the intermediate range, such as during computer work.
  • 3. Orientation zones
    The peripheral parts of the lens are for guidance.
  • 4. Reading section
    The part of the lens that is made according to your personal diopter so that you can see nearby objects perfectly.

Digital Lens spectacle lenses

Spectacle lenses for mobile devices

Digital mobile devices have conquered the world extremely quickly and pose new challenges to the human eye.

With the increasing use of digital screens, we need to switch between near and far visual tasks significantly more often. This puts tremendous strain on the eyes and, along with declining adaptability, can result in blurred vision, tired, dry eyes, and neck pain.

These lenses are specifically designed to meet the needs of the 30s and 40s who are experiencing near vision problems for the first time. Whether you use a single-focus lens or don’t wear glasses at all.

Office glasses

See better at work

Office eyeglass lenses are designed specifically for the office environment to provide relaxing and clear vision at close and intermediate distances.

People spend most of their time indoors, such as when they work in the office or do it at home. Not all lenses allow comfortable and sharp vision in these everyday situations where you need to see well in the near or intermediate range. Improper lenses can limit vision and cause symptoms such as eye fatigue, eye strain, headache, neck and back pain.

DriveSafe glasses

Driving can cause problems for anyone. No matter the length of the road, good eyesight is essential for safety.

With ZEISS DriveSafe lenses, ZEISS introduces a new spectacle lens product category for everyday use. These lenses are specifically designed with the visual needs of those who want to feel more safe and comfortable while driving.

ZEISS DriveSafe spectacle lenses are available in single focus and progressive versions.

Zeiss AdaptivSun lenses

Zeiss ’latest light-darkening technology allows the lens tone to be intelligently adapted based on the level of exposure to UV radiation.

This means that the color intensity of the sunglasses lenses adjusts automatically: they darken completely in strong sunlight and moderately darken in weaker sunshine. AdaptiveSun lenses are also available with transient tinting and a polarized design. Visit us and see for yourself.

ZEISS PhotoFusion lenses


Light-darkening spectacle lenses are the perfect solution for those who don’t want to give up wearing the necessary diopter even when they’re outdoors and have to wear sunglasses in strong sunlight.

Zeiss PhotoFusion lenses change the intensity of the colors according to the light conditions they wear.

In bright sunlight, they are as dark as a sunglasses, but indoors they lighten up and behave like traditional spectacle lenses.

Available colors: gray, brown, pioneer (green) and blue.

All Zeiss light-darkening spectacle lenses are 100% UV-protected in their base material, regardless of the darkening of the lens and its intensity.
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