A strong focus on shape
Young girl in front a pale brown-beige background wearing a oval shaped Kaleos frame and a black dress
Effortless elegance and impecable craftsmanship from Barcelona. Since their founding in 2013, KALEOS has been constantly reinventing the concept of contemporary glasses, combining design, fashion and luxury. The shapes are fresh, youthful, often bold and of course always high-quality. It is no coincidence that Dua Lipa or Florence Pugh wear them.
A young man sitting in front of a redish brown background wearing a black suit, a turtle neck sweater and a square shaped, black Kaleos shape
Thanks to her wealth of experience in fashion, creative director Claudia Brotons brings the knowledge, intuition and ”savoir faire” that a luxury brand like Kaleos represents. Claudia performs a creative and logistical miracle by bringing a new collection of surprising, eclectic designs to the market, setting trends and transcending preconceived notions of style. That is why their glasses fit into fashion in a way that they remain timeless.
“We know that every point of view is unrepeatable. We look for pairs of eyes that match our pairs of glasses, looks that dare to see beyond. Hunting for new ideas, new trends and new ways of understanding fashion motivates us to create, reinvent and propose new frames and focuses. We’re eyehunters because there are many points of view to understand out there, many styles to complete, many personalities to celebrate.”
A proof of the cool, quintessential style of the Catalan coast, KALEOS designs playful and stylish optical frames and sunglasses from the more conventional and reserved individual to the modern, extravagant trendsetter.
transparent round shaped eyewear from Kaleos named Macbeth
Black colored Kaleos frame
Squared shaped bold black Kaleos frame for men
Blue square shaped Kaleos frame
grey round shaped Kaleos frame
grey round shaped eyewear from Kaleos named Macbethe kerek formájú Kaleos szemüvegkeret Macbeth néven

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