It is all about uniqueness and you

Whether it’s an eye exam, a frame or a lens, it’s all about you. We believe that just as our frames, our customers are unique too, with completely unique demands. All of our frames are handmade in Hungary, Budapest.

We help you find the one that expresses you the best, then tailor it entirely to you. It makes your eyeglasses perfectly comfortable, fit well so you will be satisfied for years.

We explore every detail of your vision with our state-of-the-art Zeiss machines. Our eye exams can detect not only the various underlying problems, but also minor, individual differences. It makes sure that the Zeiss lens we recommend will also be perfectly tailored for you.

Whether you come in for sunglasses, for a pair of opticals or just for an eye exam, you can be sure, that your stay will be all about you. Not only during examinations, choosing the frame and lens, but every moment of your service is completely yours .

That’s why we’re different from most optics. Or from the music, the rock’n’roll that inspires us. Or from our mezcal bar. Or from Tipton parties. Or from the countless artists, musicians, actors who chose us.