Tipton X Schiffer

79500 Ft

41% Off

The Tipton X Schiffer frame is a very important milestone in the brand’s history, as it is the first spectacle frame of the Tipton Eyeworks showroom in Budapest. Only 60 pieces are made of it, which are available only and exclusively in the Tipton Eyeworks showroom in Budapest.

This frame opens the gaze, its definite lines are therefore further away from the eye, so they do not cast a shadow on the gaze and the wearer can feel really free while wearing the goggles. Another special feature of the frame is the thicker spectacle stem, the double nose saddle. The frame got an exciting, bright blue color. The spectacle wiper in the box has an art deco pattern and can also be used as a decorative handkerchief.

It can be worn by both women and men.

The glasses of Tipton Eyeworks are made in Tipton’s own workshop in Budapest. The materials we use to make the frames are man-made and are reborn in our hands in six weeks. Owners of Tipton glasses get a frame that already has a history. This will give each of our frames an extra charge. The brand has received the Red Dot Design Award, the Design Award and the Optic for Good Award.

Not sure which frame is right for you? Come to the showroom in Budapest and choose with our expert! And if you order online and are unsure, send us a photo of yourself and we will recommend the one that suits you best: manager@tipton.hu

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