Tipton Eyeworks Showroom

Tipton Eyeworks’ showroom in Budapest on Erkel Street is also an optician, where the brand’s partner is one of the main leaders in the ophthalmic market, ZEISS. Equipped with a state-of-the-art fleet, our vision test room uses the world’s latest and most advanced technology for non-contact vision testing.
Another special feature of the showroom is that it is the only store in the world where we can choose from the widest product range of Tipton Eyeworks, and there are even limited collections that can only be purchased here anywhere else in the world.

Discover Tipton’s unique eye care concept!

Tipton Eyeworks eyewear is made in Tipton’s own factory in Pécs and in Budapest, and is now available in more than 500 optics worldwide.

THE Tipton Eyeworks Showroom in Budapest is also a showroom and optics, where guests can see the iconic, limited edition frames of the Hungarian eyewear brand, which is also popular with world stars, and only available in the Budapest showroom, while getting acquainted with Tipton’s unique eye care concept. At the center, not only the frames but also the lenses are personalized by the Zeiss high-tech fleet using.

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