More than 100 years of experience, Japanese precision

The Masunaga frames are available in the Showroom

Originally you have been able to find only our own collections in the shop, but recently we have extended our selection. Get to know Masunaga from Japan.

Masunaga is the first part of a special collection that is a little different of our own. The glasses were introduced to the Showroom by a personal selection of Zack, the founder of Tipton. These frames are not available anywhere else in Hungary. They inspire us, share our values ​​and we respect them.

Masunaga was founded in 1905, more than 110 years ago by Gozaemon Masunaga in Fukui. Therefore tradition is part of there DNA, just as Tipton’s. Their headquarters are located in Japan, where the manufacture and product development take place. The factory is in charge of all processes from raw materials to production and finish in an integrated way.

Each of the frames is created by hand with an average of 200 steps that can only be done manually. All their elements are made by maximum precision and evidences of imaginative solutions. This is no coincidence, as until his unfortunate death Kenzo Takada (pictured above), designed them.

Every Masunaga is extremely elegant, delicately lined and restrained, representing the highest quality. Holding them in your hands you can immediately feel the centuries of experience and craftsmanship you can’t find anywhere else.

The glasses are primarily available with optical lenses. If you are not sure what you would need, book an appointment for an eye exam.

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