Not only in its name

– The story of ic! berlin is the story of Berlin –

The ic! berlin frames are part of the personal collection – similar to Masunaga – which includes glasses that are not made by us, but are still our own. The German brand was also added to our store by Zack and is not available anywhere else in Hungary.

Handmadee since 1996, but not in Budapest, instead in Berlin, and the city has been deeply ingrained in its DNA. But it is not a story about heritage or origin. (Berlin is really not about these things.) Anyone can belong here. It is a story about attitude. About not letting anyone define who you are – but yourself.

They make the very finest, hand-made eyewear for people who dare to see the world through their own eyes. Their creations are worn by the world’s curious, creative individuals. They’re people who see and think with their own eyes–from entrepreneurs, architects, and musicians to artists, and scientists.

Ic! berlin combines the original, no-screw hinge with stainless steel, titanium, synthetic, and natural materials. The result is robust, lightweight
and flexible eyewear design and a handcrafted eyewear, that is less about showing style, but more about expressing your attitude.

The entire collection can be viewed exclusively in our showroom. If you would like one of the pieces with optical lenses, book an appointment for our vision test.

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