Join us for an unforgettable event. On July 22, 2022 transition into party mode at the Tipton Eyeworks Showroom.

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Identity is fluid, people can transition between personas. Parallel this with the phenomenon of photochromism and we have the perfect storm. Witness performances by Betty Blue, Rebecca White and Daniella.

DJ. Bodoo spins all night and experience a side of the showroom you have never seen before.

Rebecca White rocks Vinylize AC/DC Lover with red Transitions lenses.


Tipton Eyeworks has multiple faces; Vinylize flagship store, event venue, mezcal bar. It can transform into another space. Firstly it’s an optical store but it can change up to an event venue that includes a club quality sound system and mezcal bar.

Tipton Eyworks launches Essilor’s Transitions® photochromic lenses. They are everyday lenses designed to help you see life in the best light. They automatically adapt to changing light, going from clear to dark and every shade in between to protect your eyes and reduce eye strain and fatigue.

Daniella models Vinylize Ninja with grey Transitions lenses.


Tipton celebrates the many possible ways and layers of TRANSitioning. We are hosting an event on July 22, just one day before the official Pride of Budapest.

This party will feature performances by three trans artists: Betty Blue, Rebecca White  and Daniella. Budapest’s one and only mezcal bar – placed within the Showroom – will serve cocktails and the resident DJ will spin the vinyls all night.

Betty Blue sports Vinylize P.P.P. Florence with red Transitions lenses.


Transitions party is waiting for you!

R. S. V. P.