A Hungarian glasses worn by world stars

A showroom in Budapest, where Tipton has the widest range and a state-of-the-art machine park for non-contact vision testing

Don’t miss a visit to the Budapest headquarters

The history of Tipton Eyeworks began in 1998. At that time, the founder of the brand, Zachary Tipton Milaskey, of Hungarian origin, lived in Seattle, one of the centers of the grunge music trend, and became a spectator, but he could not find the frame he liked best. He was thus forced to create his first glasses for himself. At the time of the design, the recycling approach that characterizes the brand to this day had already emerged: the raw material for Tipton’s first pieces was provided by the local Boeing factory. This is how Tipton’s most successful sub-brand, Vinylize, has been born in its grunge cradle ever since, exploding into the world market with the slogan ‘wear the music’.

Zack later settled in Hungary, and the result of their many years of joint work with his brother Zoltán is that the Tipton Eyeworks spectacle frames are made in Hungary, in their own factory, by hand, with unique technology, and are available in more than 500 optics worldwide. Today, we recycle more than 3 tons of records, thousands of meters of bowden cable and hundreds of pounds of cartridge cases.

Tipton Eyeworks’ newly opened headquarters in Budapest on Erkel Street is also an optician, where the brand’s partner is one of the main leaders in the ophthalmic market, ZEISS. A non-contact eye examination awaits you in the state-of-the-art vision examination room.


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